Being physically present doesn’t mean you’ll face charges, but if you helped plan, encouraged or assisted in the crime, you can face the same criminal charges as the person committing the act. And be warned, this just isn’t limited to the original charge. For example, if you act as a lookout while your friend steals a car, and then you get in the stolen vehicle with your friend and they strike a pedestrian, you can face manslaughter charges even though you weren’t behind the wheel.

Simply put, if you take part in a crime in any measure listed above, you need to know that you are now taking on responsibility for every action of all parties involved. If a simple drug deal goes south and a friend pulls out a gun someone else, you can face aggravated assault charges. Don’t just assume because you’re not the aggressor that those actions can’t reflect on you.

So if you or your child end up facing criminal charges because of the actions of another person, it’s in your best interest to consult with a lawyer, because charges can easily pile up in a hurry. You’ll want to put together a strong defense that suggests you were an innocent bystander and not a party to the crime, and we can help make that distinction. For more information, or for assistance with your case, reach out to Avery and the team at Appelman Law Firm for a free case review today.