Racial Disparities Exist in Minneapolis Arrests

Minneapolis arrests

A review of criminal arrest data suggests that minorities are much more likely to be arrested for low-level offenses than their white counterparts in Minneapolis. To compile their findings, researchers at the American Civil Liberties Unions and the American Civil Liberties Union of Minnesota reviewed nearly 100,000 arrests by the Minneapolis Police Department from Jan. […]

Minnesota Lowering Enhanced DUI Legal Limit

Drunk Driving Law

Minnesota will reduce their aggravated DWI legal limit from 0.20 to 0.16, assuming the proposal is signed by Governor Mark Dayton. The proposal, put forward by the Minnesota legislature, means more Minnesotans would likely face a gross misdemeanor instead of a misdemeanor offense in the wake of a DUI arrest. As you may be aware, […]

How Hiring A DUI Attorney Can Save You Money

Attorney Money DUI

If you’re arrested for DUI, the prospect of paying money to an attorney can seem daunting – after all, you’re probably already looking at a fine and court costs. That said, hiring attorney can actually save you money, in some cases tens of thousands of dollars. Today, we explain how hiring an attorney can actually save […]

5 Common Memorial Day Crimes


Memorial Day is a great time to remember all those who gave the ultimate price to protect our freedom, but the extra day off also leads to an uptick in crime. Today, we take a look at five common crimes committed over the Memorial Day weekend. 1. DUI – As is the case for most […]

Life in Lockup: Incarceration in the U.S.

Our friends at Criminal Justice Degree Hub share a lot of great information on a regular basis. Their site is dedicated to helping people understand more about the law and how to pursue a career in criminal justice (something we like doing as well). In an effort to help reach more people, CJDH asked us to […]