The Legal Side of Snapchat


My brother is an attorney in Illinois, and a post he shared yesterday about schools forcing students to divulge their social media passwords in the event of a student policy infraction got me thinking. Facebook, Twitter or Ask.FM accounts make it pretty easy for investigators to find evidence of cyber bullying or another crime, but what […]

Criminal Culpability in Minnesota

Minnesota age crime

As we’ve documented before, there is a strong correlation between adolescent brain development and the urge to commit risky behaviors. Kids at a younger age aren’t as able to understand the full nature and consequences of their actions. Minnesota law takes this notion into account when looking at criminal culpability. According to Minnesota Statute 609.055, […]

Minnesota Driver and Passenger Both Earn DUIs


A driver and a passenger in Lino Lakes both earned DUIs last month after trying to pull the old driver switcheroo. According to the police report, a gas station employee phoned authorities after witnessing a vehicle sideswipe a poll and hit a gas pump. The suspects eventually drove off on I-35 and were stopped by […]

Are March Madness Pools Legal?

March Madness Illegal

If you’re like most red-blooded Americans, you filled out a bracket for the NCAA tournament. Maybe you just like to fill a bracket out for fun, but odds are you’re in a pool with friends or co-workers that has a little bit of money on the line. Now, the feds aren’t going to be kicking in […]

Mankato Pair Butt Dial Police During Robbery

Butt Dial

A pair of would-be robbers tipped police off to their activities last Thursday when one of them accidentally butt dialed the cops mid-heist. According to the police report, a 911 dispatcher in Blue Earth County received a call from a cell phone at 3:42 a.m last Thursday. The dispatcher heard two voices on the call, […]