Police Warn Hockey Fans of Counterfeit Wild Playoff Tickets

Hockey Tickets

Demand for Minnesota Wild playoff tickets are at an all time high, and that means more scalpers are coming out of the woodwork with counterfeit tickets. Minnesota Wild executive vice president Jamie Spencer said he knows “that counterfeit tickets are on the rise,” and he had some tips for fans who want to purchase tickets […]

Minnesota Supreme Court Overturns Drug “Sale” Ruling


The Minnesota Supreme Court issued a ruling that said the passing of drugs from one person to another in an effort to conceal them from law enforcement does not constitute a sale, reversing decisions by two lower courts. The ruling helped provide post-conviction relief for Abshir Barrow, who got into a sticky situation when he handed a bag […]

Aaron Hernandez Found Guilty of 1st-Degree Murder

Aaron Hernandez

After more than seven days of deliberations, the jury has found Aaron Hernandez guilty in the murder of Odin Lloyd. We covered the story early on when the former New England Patriots tight end was a suspect in the death of 27-year-old Odin Lloyd, the man who was dating the sister of Hernandez’s fiance. According to […]

5 Tips For Getting Into Law School

Tips for getting into law school

Summer is right around the corner, but for aspiring law school students, the summer months are a time to rack up valuable volunteer hours and internship experience. We know firsthand just how difficult it is to get into law school, so we’ve compiled some helpful tips from law schools across the country to help you […]

Texting and Driving Crackdown Begins Today in Minnesota

Distracted Driving

Minnesota police will begin a distracted driving crackdown this week to cut down on the number of drivers who send and receive text messages while behind the wheel. The distracted driving patrol will begin today and run through April 18, and you can expect a ticket if you’re stopped by police. Tickets for distracted driving […]