The Most Stolen Cars In Minnesota

Grand Theft Auto Blaine

Car thefts aren’t one of the most common crimes, but they can really make life difficult for the victim. Although auto thefts typically slow down during the cold winter months, Minnesota isn’t immune to grand theft auto crimes. Today, we take a look at the most stolen vehicles throughout the state. The 10 Most Stolen Vehicles […]

Police Adding Extra “Move Over” Enforcement Today

Ted Foss

If you spot construction workers or a police officer on the side of the road today, make sure you move over and give them plenty of room, or you might just end up with a traffic ticket. That’s because today is the 15 year anniversary of the death of Ted Foss, a trooper who was […]

Explaining Some Common Legal Terms, Part 3

Law Terms Baxter County

We hope you enjoyed Part 1 and Part 2 our three-part series explaining some common legal terms you might come across during your court case. We continue the series today with Part 3, which covers letters S though Z. Legal Terms Explained Sentence – The legal punishment put forth by the judge in a criminal case. Sequester […]

Physical Control: How You Can Get A DUI Without Driving

Physical Control Edina

Did you know that you can actually be charged with driving under the influence of alcohol even though you’re not driving? It may sound odd, but if you’re in “physical control” of the car, an officer can cite you for drunk driving. But what exactly is physical control? We explain in our first installment of […]

Police Body Camera Footage Release Coming Under Scrutiny

Invasion of Privacy Eagan

Minnesota recently approved a body camera program that will ensure both police officers and citizens are protected from false incident accounts, but now some are unhappy about what information would be available to the public. The current proposal would allow for any citizen to request to view an incident caught on a police body camera, […]