Woman Charged with DUI After Fleeing in Toy Car

We’ve documented some pretty strange DUI stories on our blog in the past.  We’ve covered DUI’s on segways, zambonis, and snowmobiles, but this story out of Jonesboro, Arkansas is certainly the weirdest DUI story of 2013.

A 28-year-old Arkansas woman was charged with DUI on Tuesday after police caught her speeding away; in her son’s Power Wheels truck.

Jamie Craft had an eventful day that began when she crashed her Trans Am into the side of a mobile home.  Craft got out of her car and did what anyone would do in that situation.  She took off her pants and hopped in her son’s battery powered Power Wheels truck.

Witnesses told authorities which direction Craft had fled.  After a short jog, officers were able to catch up to Craft and her vehicle.  It just goes to show that if you’re going to run from the cops in a vehicle, you might want to make sure the car can go faster than 5 mph.

Authorities said Craft was “pretty irate” and extremely drunk when they arrested her.  She failed a field sobriety test and blew a .217, nearly three times the legal limit.  In addition to DUI, Craft was charged with driving on a suspended license, disorderly conduct, and fleeing the scene of an accident.  She was arrested and taken to the police station in a normal-sized police cruiser.

Although she probably won’t win Mom of the Year, Jamie Craft is currently our frontrunner for strangest DUI in 2013.

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Avery Appelman

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