Wisconsin Judge Orders Unique Probation Guideline

CC image Wikipedia.orgEvery so often we hear of a judge issuing a unique or one-of-a-kind clause in a probation sentencing. There was one case where a judge ordered a father to stop having children until he could pay off his outstanding child support payments, and another where a man was ordered to tell women within three minutes of meeting them that he is a deadbeat dad.

Another unique sentence was handed down on Wednesday by a Wisconsin judge. Oconto County Circuit Court Judge Michael T. Judge ordered that a man who pleaded no contest to a charge of homicide by negligent operation of a vehicle must speak to high school students three times a year for the next ten years about the consequences of reckless driving. Judge ordered the speaking engagements “for the purpose of explainging what you did here, what the consequences are and explaining the terrible events that occurred, not only to the victims, but yourself.”

While it’s not uncommon for awareness speaking to be ordered as a condition of probation, the uniqueness of Wednesday’s ruling came as the second condition to probation; Brandon Bosacki must spend an hour at the grave of the victim on the anniversary of her death for the next 10 years in order “to reflect upon what you did here and how it reflects on so many good people and hurts them, both your family and the victim’s.”

Tragic Details

Bosacki was sentenced in connection with the traffic accident that took the life of 17-year-old Jamie Bialozynski. According to court documents, Bosacki was driving his 2006 Toyota Scion with four passengers in his car. Bosacki was going at least 89 miles per hour, which was 40 to 50 mph above the posted speed limit. He lost control of the vehicle and in the ensuring crash, Bialozynski, Heidi Peterson, 16, and Rylee Weed, 15, were ejected from the car.

Bialozynski died as a result of her injuries, while Peterson and Reed suffered numerous severe injuries. A 17-year-old male passenger in the front seat suffered minor injuries.

In addition to the charge of homicide by negligent operation of a vehicle, Bosacki also pleaded no contest to two counts of causing bodily harm by negligent operation of a motor vehicle. The charges were brought as part of an agreement to reduce the seriousness of three felony counts levied against Bosacki. He’ll begin his seven years of extended supervision and three years of probation after he finishes a three-year jail sentence.

Judge said he believes the jail time, extended supervision and probation guidelines speak to a severity of the incident.

“There’s no one I can blame for this terrible event but you,” said Judge.

Related source: Oconto County Reporter, Green Bay Press Gazette.

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