Potential Terror Attack Thwarted in Minnesota

CC image Wikipedia.org highlighting the location of Montevideo, MNThe FBI prevented a possible terrorist attack in western Minnesota on Friday when they raided a mobile home and uncovered Molotov cocktails, firearms, and suspected pipe bombs.

The bureau provided details of the raid on Monday, saying they believed to have stopped “a localized terror attack”.

Buford “Bucky” Rogers, 24, was arrested during the raid on his mobile home in Montevideo, Minnesota.  Rogers was in his home at the time of the raid, but he was taken into custody without incident.  He was charged with one count of being a felon in possession of a firearm, and he remained in federal custody over the weekend.

“The information which we had led us to believe that a terror attack was planned,” said FBI spokesman Kyle Loven. “The FBI believed there was a terror attack in its planning stages, and we believe there would have been a localized terror attack, and that’s why law enforcement moved quickly to execute the search warrant on Friday to arrest Mr. Rogers.”

Montevideo is located about 125 miles west of the Twin Cities.  Although Loven would not divulge the location of a possible target, it is believed that he was planning to carry out an attack in Montevideo.  Loven said authorities are still working to determine if Rogers acted alone or in a group, but he believes any immediate threats have been dealt with.

“With respect to this terror plot, we no longer believe the public is in danger,” said Loven.

A search of the mobile home resulted in the discovery of a Romanian AKM assault rifle, among other incendiary devices.  Rogers informed investigators that he has shot the rifle at a gun range on two separate occasions. Rogers was previously convicted of felony burglary, meaning it is illegal for him to own a firearm under Minnesota law.

Christopher Warrener, special agent in charge of the FBI office in Minneapolis, credited the hard work of many separate agencies in peacefully preventing the possible threat.

“Cooperation between the FBI and its federal, state, and local partners enabled law enforcement to prevent a potential tragedy in Montevideo,” said Warrener.

Rogers is scheduled to make his initial appearance in federal court later this week.

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