Oregon Man Charged With DUI While Skateboarding

We recently wrote about an Arkansas mother who was charged with Driving Under the Influence after she tried to elude authorities in toy car, but now we’re learning of another weird DUI, this time out or Oregon.

20-year-old Jacob Becker was arrested for DUI on Monday after he hit a moving van.

While on his skateboard.

You read that right.  Becker was riding his skateboard when he collided with a vehicle.  He sustained minor injuries, but those were the least of his problems.  Under state law, a skateboard is considered a vehicle in Oregon, meaning skating while under the influence can land you in a pair of handcuffs.  Oregon law also forbids riding a horse or bicycle while under the influence of alcohol.

Adding to his troubles, authorities also charged Becker with minor possession of alcohol.

Although we don’t encourage skateboarding while drunk, it is perfectly legal in Minnesota to skateboard in an appropriate area while under the influence.  Stacy Kaye, a Minneapolis Criminal Defense Attorney, said Minnesota laws only apply to motor vehicles.

“In Minnesota, the threshold question is whether the conveyance device used in the act is motorized.  If not, you can’t get a DWI, so the skateboard issue would not arise here,” said Kaye.  “That being said, Mr. Becker could be charged with another violation, like disorderly conduct or public nuisance.”

Kaye also touched on some exceptions to the motorized vehicle law.

“Under Minnesota law, even if the conveyance device in question has a motor, it may still be exempt from the DWI statute.  The two exceptions that come to mind are motorized wheelchairs and segways,” said Kaye.  “Also, the most recent Segway ruling suggests that other motorized vehicles intended for sidewalk rather than roadway use may also be exempt.”

So while skateboarding under the influence may be legal in Minnesota, if you find yourself in need of legal representation to fight a DUI charge, give the experienced legal team at Appelman Law Firm a call.

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