One in Seven Minnesota Drivers Has a DWI on Record

police carAccording to a report by the Minnesota Department of Public Safety, one in seven Minnesota drivers has a DWI on their record.

In the latest DPS report, statistics show 570,191 Minnesota residents have at least one DWI on their record, and 1,265 have more than 10 DWI’s.  The numbers were released following the national “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over” campaign, which concluded on Labor Day.  More facts from the report are included below.

  • In the state, there were about 81 DWI arrests per day with greater Minnesota accounting for half of all arrests. In 2011, 29,257 Minnesotans were arrested for DWI. 
  • Drivers between 20-29 years of age accounted for 42 percent of DWI arrests. One in 15 of arrests were for people were younger than 21. 
  • 73 percent of all DWIs were male drivers.  59 percent of violators were first-time offenders. 
  • The average alcohol concentration among first-time offenders was 0.148, for repeat offenders the level was 0.166. The legal limit is .08. 
  •  The top five counties for the highest DWI conviction rates were Red Lake, Lyon, Wilkin, Hubbard and Polk.

Despite the seemingly high numbers, drunken driving fatalities have decreased 40% over the last 10 years.  The state is continuing to pursue options to curb drinking and driving violations, and has seen short-term success with some programs, including the “Ignition Interlock Program”.

In July of 2011, the state instituted the Ignition Interlock Program, which requires first-time offenders with an alcohol concentration of .16 or above and repeat offenders to use an alcohol detection device attached to their vehicle in order to regain driving privileges.  More than 4,000 DWI offenders were using the ignition device in its first year.

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    Lets assume the lebrial news reporter got it right and the quota is for the month. That means the officer has 30 days to find 100 violations of the law. That brakes down to 3.3 summons a day. Do you not think there are not that many speeders an hour on the road. Stop sign violators. How about people who fail to sign lane

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