Minnesota Police to Tweet Names of Those Arrested for DUI

CC image Wikipedia.orgNormally, getting mentioned on Twitter or in a friend’s Facebook status is a good thing, but you definitely don’t want to see your name in a tweet by the Minnesota State Patrol this weekend.

This Friday, 150 squads will hit some of the most-traveled Minnesota roads in the largest one-night DUI crackdowns in Twin Cities history.  If the authorities find that a person is driving over the legal limit, they’ll relay the information to the Department of Public Safety, who will publish the person’s name on Twitter along with the hashtag #May10DWI.



This is the first time state authorities have decided to use social media as a way of “shaming” those who are charged with DUI.

The Minnesota State Patrol decided to target this weekend because Saturday is the season opening day for fishing across the state.  With plenty of sunshine in the forecast, authorities expect increased traffic on the roads, and they hope their presence will help some fishermen make smart decisions regarding their alcohol consumption.

Nearly 30,000 people are arrested for DUI in Minnesota each year, and drunk driving accounts for one-third of the traffic fatalities in the state.

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