Client Testimonials



When I was arrested for DWI, I was very frightened and scared.  I can only say that hiring Appelman Law Firm was one of the best decisions that I have ever made. The Appelman Law Firm helped me get the best results and I could not have done this on my own.

My life would be very different if I had not hired them   They worked hard to ensure that my case received the needed attention. They clearly followed through and did a competent job each step of the way. During this process it became clear to me why they have such a good reputation with judges and prosecutors.

They followed through with the many scheduled court appearances and showed up promptly to court dates and made sure that I was well prepared. They attended to all of the details for filing the paperwork.  Avery was there each step of the way for me always answering my phone calls and he kept me apprised of my case. Mel represented me during the trail stage and he was equally as amazing and was able to have my charges reduced and the results that I wanted.  They are the BEST!

OFFENSE: Fail to Drive with Due Care


I live out of town and was in Minnesota for 4th of July weekend and got into an accident and was charged with “Failure to Drive with Due Care” offense.  Avery alleviated a lot of my anxiety about the situation by keeping me updated when anything happened pertaining to my  case.  Because of Avery I will not have a criminal record.  I really appreciated that the Appelman Law Firm Team was very responsive and communicated openly and honestly about my case.



I went to meet Avery and automatically felt like he and his staff were going to do the best that they could do for me, which was exactly what happened. I received 2 DWI’s back in March 2012 and I couldn’t be more happy with the outcome that the firm was able to get for me by not giving up. I will absolutely refer any and all of my friends and family, even random acquaintances, about the expertise and quality of the Appelman Law Firm. 

OFFENSE: Traffic Offense


I sought out the services of Appelman Law Firm for help with a traffic violation I received in Hennepin County. I was concerned that the ticket would go on my record, that I would have to pay a large fine, and that my insurance costs would go up. When I retained Appelman Law Firm, I was assured that the situation would be handled favorably and I felt instantly comforted knowing that my future was in the hands of Appelman Law Firm. I received benefits such as instant contact with Avery Appelman via phone, and a very quick follow-up by the lawyer assigned to my case. The results were very favorable, as my record remained clear and the costs were minimal.

What I liked most about Appelman Law Firm’s legal services was their hands-on approach and strong communication via telephone and email. I was also very impressed with their highly qualified legal team; knowing I was in such capable hands put me at ease immediately. I would suggest Appelman Law Firm to anyone seeking legal services. In fact, I have already done so multiple times. I can say with absolute certainty that if I find myself in a situation necessitating legal services, Appelman Law Firm will be my first call.

OFFENSE: Addiction


My last “adult beverage” was on 12/15 and I credit Avery for help getting onto the right path.  Nine months and 25 days but who’s counting?  My family and I have a soft spot in our hearts for the folks at Appelman Law Firm.



I sought out the Appelman Law Firm when I was faced with some serious drug charges.  I was concerned that I would be going to prison for up to 10 years.  I retained criminal defense attorney Stacy Kaye and it was very comforting knowing that someone was representing me.  The Appelman law firm was available to me 24/7.  It was nice to be able to find out what was going on with my case when I was feeling anxiety about it.  The staff was very professional and always on top of things.

The results were favorable as Stacy was able to negotiate my sentence down from 84 months to 6 months. She never gave up on my case and fought hard for me until the very end.



I had never been in any kind of trouble before so I was, of course, afraid of being involved in the court system. Avery explained the whole process to me, what he expected to happen, and what I could reasonably expect.  As it turned out, the outcome was more favorable than even he predicted. I understood that there would be some consequences, as there should be, but he was able to keep me out of jail and other than some classes and a probationary period, my life was not unduly altered.

I felt like I truly had an advocate, someone that would guide me through the process. Avery did an outstanding job, and I am 100% confident that the outcome would not have been nearly as favorable had we not retained his services. I can honestly recommend his service to anyone faced with the same situation.

OFFENSE: Prostitution


I did not live in Minnesota at the time so I was worried that it would be tricky for me to resolve this while living in another state.  I decided to retain Avery Appelman and he immediately went to work on my case.

Working with the firm was a great experience.  Everyone was very helpful and took care of things so I didn’t have to worry.  Avery kept me informed about what was going on with my case and made it much easier for me to live in another state. My case was eventually dismissed.  Avery was great to work with and always kept me at ease with his exceptional sense of humor.  I would recommend the Appelman Law Firm to anyone in need of a criminal defense attorney.



My concern was the fact that there were other licenses that I held that would’ve been greatly affected by a DWI arrest. I was given Appelman Law Firm’s number from a friend who highly recommended them. They were very patient with me and walked me through the entire process step-by-step. After retaining them, I was able to get out of jail the next day. This would normally be a hassle considering I was arrested on the Friday of 4th of July weekend. They were very informational and reassuring. In the end, all my charges were dropped due to my breath test being under the legal limit. I have known people that have hired lawyers with less experience that basically just walked in and pleaded guilty for them even though they were under the limit. This did not happen with Avery. I highly recommend Appleman Law Firm.



In June 2008, my life changed forever. I was out with my family celebrating Father’s Day, eating and having some strawberry margaritas. Not thinking I had too many, I said my goodbyes and my ten-year-old daughter and I got into my car to drive home.

When I saw the lights behind me, terror struck, as I knew what was about to happen. Fortunately, I knew of a good lawyer and contacted Avery Appelman. We met the very next week and even though I was an emotional wreck, his calming nature and legal expertise made my mistake manageable. His staff was always available to me and even when he was on a family vacation I was still able to get in contact with him.

I have referred many people to his law firm and have been told numerous times how helpful and compassionate he and his staff are. I am so thankful I had Avery on my side. He turned a horrible situation into something I could deal with and I feel that, in the end, I gained a good friend.

OFFENSE: Criminal Sexual Conduct


I was prompted to seek out the services of Appelman Law Firm because I was wrongly accused of criminal sexual conduct. He helped me understand the legal process and the firm was very good at communicating each step that needed to be taken. I had a lot of anxiety and fear about the charges brought against me and the possible jail time I could be facing.

Working with the Appelman Law Firm was a really good experience, especially since my case was ultimately dismissed. The attorneys really helped ease my anxiety by explaining things thoroughly and going that extra mile to make sure I got the most favorable result. I would definitely recommend the Appelman Law Firm to anyone in need of a good criminal defense attorney.

OFFENSE: Criminal Charges


I contacted Appelman Law Firm because I’ve known Avery for years and he’s been able to help several of my friends successfully. I can summarize my experience with Avery and Stacy Kaye in two words: effortless results. From the moment I contacted Appelman Law Firm they took the ball and ran with it. I provided them with the information that I had and from that point I sat back and they handled everything, diligently keeping me informed of the progress they were making. Ultimately, my case was settled to my satisfaction with minimal effort on my part. I strongly recommend Appelman Law Firm if you want “effortless results.”

OFFENSE: Juvenile Matter


I was referred to Avery Appelman by a coworker after my 14 year old son, KK got in some trouble at school. When we went in to meet with him, I automatically trusted him and knew we were in good hands. I was especially nervous about how this was going to affect the rest of KK’s life, while KK was more fearful about whether or not he’d be able to return to school next year. Avery interacted well with KK and really put him at ease. It really impressed me that Avery stayed with us through the whole court process, making sure to explain things to KK in a way that he could understand them.

Our case was resolved with a stay of adjudication, meaning that as long as he doesn’t get into any more trouble and does what he is supposed to do, the case will be dismissed after a year. We really appreciated the Appelman Law Firm’s no nonsense approach to providing legal services and would definitely recommend them to anyone charged with a crime.