Charges Dropped Against Vikings’ Adrian Peterson

Adrian PetersonThe misdemeanor resisting arrest charge against Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson has been dismissed by a Houston grand jury.

Peterson was involved in a confrontation with nightclub workers and police officers following an incident at a Houston nightclub.

Rusty Hardin, one of Peterson’s high-profile attorneys, said the grand jury dismissed the case on Tuesday after hearing testimony from those involved in the incident.

“The grand jury had no problem at all endorsing Adrian’s innocence,” said Hardin.

Peterson was initially arrested after he allegedly pushed an off-duty officer who was working security at the Houston nightclub.  The security officer told Peterson and his party to leave the club because it was closed, but Peterson refused and a scuffle ensued. 

Hardin believed the whole incident was a misunderstanding, and Peterson was only waiting to leave the club because he wanted to avoid creating a scene.

“Part of the issue was — and people don’t understand — that when a lot of these ballplayers go to a club like that, and the place is closed, they wait until it’s mostly cleared out so they’re not hassled,” Hardin said.

Peterson told his side of the story to the grand jury on Tuesday, and after listening to other witness accounts they dropped the charges.  Had they not dismissed the case, Peterson would have been due in court on Thursday. 

Hardin was happy with the dismissal, and believes the jury rendered the right decision.

“The people of Minnesota know what Adrian’s like,” Hardin said. “He got a fair hearing. We’re tremendously delighted.”

Stacy Kaye, a Minneapolis Criminal Defense Attorney at Appelman Law, said the lack of evidence led to the dismissal.

“It’s fair to assume that at least some of the witnesses offered testimony that caused the grand jurors to believe there was not enough evidence to support charges,” said Kaye.  “The generally favorable press coverage of this incident also helped his cause.

Kaye added that Peterson’s positive reputation and lack of a criminal history probably played a role in the grand jury’s decision as well.

 Related Source:  Twin Cities Pioneer Press

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