Adrian Peterson Trial Postponed

The criminal proceedings following Adrian Peterson’s arrest in early July continue to become more dramatic. The Minnesota Vikings star running back was charged with resisting arrest after a nightclub scuffle with an off-duty police officer. Following his arrest, Peterson retained the legal counsel of criminal defense attorney Rusty Hardin, who is well known for successfully defending Roger Clemens against perury charges.

Peterson’s pretrial hearing was originally scheduled for July 13th. It was then pushed to Monday and now, according to Hardin, the hearing has again been rescheduled, this time for September 27 and November 15th.

The resisting arrest charge is fairly minor, and previously, we speculated as to why Peterson is responding so aggressively in his defense. According to MN criminal defense attorney Stacy Kaye, it seems as though Peterson feels he has a score to settle. He likely feels wronged, as though he was treated unjustly. An experienced criminal defense attorney isn’t a valuable asset only in high stakes cases. In instances where a defendant feels he or she must maintain a certain reputation, a vigilant and dedicated attorney can provide an enormous service.

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