2011 FBI Crime Report Shows Decline

On Monday, the FBI released their annual report tracking trends in violent and property crime across the United States in 2011. Last year’s reported violent crime has decreased 3.8 percent from the year before, marking a 5-year pattern of declining violent crime in the U.S. Property crime has also decreased from 2010, but by a much smaller margin of 0.5 percent.

Interesting Statistics from the FBI Report

In 2011, the South exhibited the highest incidence of violent and property crimes among United States regions, accounting for 41.3 and 43.2 percent reported nationally. Comparatively, the Midwest accounted for 19.5 percent of national violent crime and 21.1 percent of nationally reported property crime.

Among violent crimes, aggravated assault  made up the majority of reported incidents at 62.4 percent.

In murders nationwide, firearms were used in 67.8 percent of cases. Additionally, guns were involved in 21.2 percent of reported aggravated assaults.

The percentage of violent and property crimes cleared in 2011 was also revealed in the report. ‘Clearing’ involves either an arrest or a circumstance prohibiting arrest, such as the death of a suspect:

-64.8% of murder cases

-56.9% of aggravated assault cases

-41.2% of forcible rape cases

-28.7% of robbery cases

-21.5% of larceny-theft cases

-18.8% of arson cases

-12.7% of burglary cases

In contrast the FBI report is the Bureau of Justice National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS) reported that property crimes in 2011 increased 11% from 2010, while violent crime rates remained the same. The NCVS data is collected through household survey.

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-11.9% of auto theft cases

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